A laptop and a wi-fi connection are all you need to be a digital nomad. Is it true?

In this guest-blog, Alessia expresses her thoughts about the life of a digital nomad

Finally, you made it. You got the remote job you have been dreaming about for so long, and the
freedom of working from your favorite places in the world is now reality. And yes, you can say it out
loud: “I am a digital nomad!”. You are hit by waves of emotions that you can barely put into words:
excitement, joy, and, of course, fear.

After this initial honeymoon phase, the time to live through it has arrived. Now it’s you and your
world in a bag, at the airport arrivals, ready to live in the paradise city everybody talks about, where
all the digital nomads settle and live the dream.

An accurate Google research about the best work-friendly cafè leads you to the probably most
aesthetically beautiful cafè you have ever been to. Everything is simply so good looking that you feel
part of an Instagram post.

From the very first moment you put your foot in it, it strikes you to see with your own eyes this new
reality you’ve heard so much about. Seeing all these people being in the same room, but in their own
world at the same time; being extremely busy working on their laptop, while also taking breaks from
time to time and playing billiards to wind up, is nothing extraordinary but it brings you some kind of
discomfort you didn’t expect to experience.

This is the exact moment you realize that being a digital nomad takes way more than simply having a
good wi-fi connection and a laptop. There is a whole range of skills that a person needs to own to
make the best of this lifestyle: openness, flexibility, adaptation, and self-discipline are pillars. But chill
out. You are not supposed to have them all in your luggage already.

As every new beginning, choosing to embark on this lifestyle might seem intimidating at first, but it is
simply a matter of time before you will discover yourself shaping day by day and owning those new
skills before you even realize it.

Of course, you will face the initial phase of having to start from scratch, to create your own
environment in a completely unknown place that will slowly turn into your new home. As obvious as
it might sound, meeting people and having your circle is a crucial aspect of your journey as a digital
nomad. And it is not always easy if you keep hopping from cafè to cafè with your laptop, while seeing
new faces every day and making acquaintances rather than friends.

While your head is filled with these thoughts, you start your doom scrolling that, for once, leads you
to something interesting: an advertisement in the middle of hundreds of Instagram stories promoting
a Coworking space. Well, what’s that?

Also known as hybrid spaces, they are basically the most inspiring place where to focus on your job,
and most importantly to meet new people, who, just as you, work remotely and find themselves in
this place for the very same reason as you. Once there, the chances to connect with like-minded
people are served on a silver platter bringing many more benefits than you can imagine.
Finding so many different professional backgrounds in one place, from people working in the creative
industries to entrepreneurs of any kind, gives room for collaboration, sharing ideas, knowledge, and
resources in a way you probably have hardly experienced before. The reason fostering this process is
linked to the basic human need of belonging to a community.

We are social animals, as Aristotle said, and the condition of a digital nomad remarks it clearly. As
human beings there is a primal need of being together with alike people, in one physical place, living
comfortably, eating together, and sharing moments that become memories.

Another intrinsic desire of humanity is the willingness to travel and explore the world, which explains
the reason for digital nomads to follow this path. Being exposed to different cultures leads to
personal growth, a higher self-esteem and it often evolves to a positive mindset.

Coworking is not the only way to experience this feeling of belonging, but Workations are another
great way to break patterns and take time off from the routine you will, inevitably, fall into.
Workations (work + vacation) aren’t just holidays. It’s the chance to find the work-life balance you
need and to find a new rhythm to guide you through your daily life. How is it possible? Imagine
spending a week in a natural paradise or in your favorite city and becoming part of a group that will
be your second family in such a short time.

During a workation you will discover new ways to enjoy your downtime and, why not, start a new
hobby. It is proven that experiencing new things allows us to live happier and healthier lives thanks
to the development of new neural pathways to handle new situations. Our mood simply improves,
and we experience a rush of delight because of the dopamine release.

Recharge and inspire are the keywords here. Once your workation is over, you will realize that you
are seeing the world through a new lens.

And these are only few of the aspects defining both a workation and a coworking experience. We
don’t want to spoil too much. The rest is to you to discover.

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